Hey hey hey ladies!!


So I know at times when running your own business, you still have an outside life that goes on right? Clients at time don't get that and act as if photographers are robots who just pump out editorials daily.... Well newsflash no unfortunately we are not robots lol. We are still living, breathing, feeling human beings. We just love the art of photography, and everything that goes into the process of creating. BUUUUUUUT at times we need a break because we can become creatively drained. Trust me it happens to Every single one of us. 


Self care is so necessary when running a business especially to those who still work normal everyday 9-5's and those who may go to school, or are full-time moms etc! You need to take a few days away from work  ( photography) and just mentally check out to get yourself back on track. 

I know myself personally I start to become very frantic, anxious and just overwhelmed when I don't take time to myself even if it's for an hour or two a day I always make time for myself because if I don't I'm not at my best to create and THAT is a MUST for me because photography is one of my passions, my outlets, and my therapy and most of all I need to be at my best for my clients. 

Things that I do that help : 



It's best to be in a secluded space where there is little to no noise and before anyone in your home is up. Make no effort to control the breath; simply breathe naturally.

Focus your attention on the breath and on how the body moves with each inhalation and exhalation.

For more tips on meditation follow this link here:


Reading your favorite book:

Pour yourself a glass of wine, and read your favorite book! Whether you're chilling in your backyard, or in your bed sit back, relax, and take your mind off of business emails, and editing and just sip a glass of wine and one of your favorite books! 



Get a group of your gal pals and go on a hike for the day. Take in the beautiful scenery around you, and just get out get some fresh air, good laughs and a bomb workout! 

These are a few things I do to take my mind off of things to get myself back into a good creating space. 

It's always a MUST ladies to take care of yourselves mentally, physically and emotionally! It does not make you weak to do so! I hope these few tips helped you out! Be sure to keep up with our updates on our Instagram!!!